One commission for making greeting cards turned into a great time of fun

I used scraps of high-quality paper that would usually end up in the trash and made unique greeting cards. The motifs are imaginary winter landscapes that spring from the depths of memory and imagination. As I worked in the warmth of my home, searching for the inner peace I so desperately needed, the first snow started to fall outside, coming to Sarajevo earlier this year than usual. From the speakers came the sound of virtuoso Hard Bop Jazz songs, played from the heart, by the hands of greats like Thelonious Monk, Charley Parker, Dizzy Gillespie.
During the holiday season, one greeting card can mean a lot to those who receive it. Why not raise this expression of love, care, and gratitude to a new level this year. Send your loved ones a card and much more. Send them a unique work of art inside that will be easily framed and placed on the wall for future enjoyment.